Chad’s Choices from the Community

Welcome to the second special DENSI themed edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community.  The first DENSI edition can be found here.  It was an exhausting week, but a week completely filled with fun, learning, and collaboration.  If you’ve seen previous posts in this series, you know that it highlights the DEN Community and shares articles you should take a look at, people to connect with, and a person of interest.

DENSI Resources Shared  from the Community – Below you’ll find some links to notes from sessions at the DENSI Unconference.

Blogs from the Community

People from the Community to Follow (These are all members of the DEN Leadership Council)

Person of Interest

Michigan DEN STAR Edith Erickson is this week’s DEN Person of Interest.  This week and DENSI, Edith Erickson wrote a recap of each day and shared those recaps on her personal blog and also on the DEN blogs.  Every morning, attendees had the pleasure of reading the posts to see what they might have missed during the day!  Well done, Edith!


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