DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #6

Dean Shareski brought joy to DENSI 2013

Closing Session

Well, today is the day, it is the last day of DENSI2013. It’s been a long, crazy week and I couldn’t have ever imagined how amazing and inspirational it would be. I know that I, like so many others, can’t wait to get back to my school to share with the other teachers I work with. To wrap up the Summer Institute, we started with a great show and tell session with DEN stars sharing their experiences for the week. There are a lot of Flickr pictures to check and also some great videos created this week! Be sure to check them out for a good laugh! We were then treated to a closing message from Dean Shareski about the need for joy in our classrooms. Some of Dean’s suggestions for instill joy include being mindful – actively look for and seek out something unique and different. He also says that we need to create something and let our students be creative. Dean also says we need to be grateful, something that our society often forgets. It feels good to be grateful and create joy for those around us. Give people sincere compliments; it makes a difference. For a great inspiration, visit  the @westhighbros on Twitter; we all need to be doing this more! We also need to take pseudo learning into real learning. We don’t need to replicate experiences, we can use technology to make real connections. Finally, we need to be silly and laugh everyday (and it’s okay to embrace stupid humor). For some fun online, visit and @OfficeChair. If we focus less on achievement, and more on joy in our schools, students might just make more progress than we might think! After such an amazing and inspirational week, this upbeat presentation was the perfect way to wrap up DENSI 2013. 

DEN Closing Session (from @MsZ1600)

Show and Tell Links:

The DEN gnome waiting to check out the DEN stars (from @DENprincess)


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