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The DEN Summer Institute was full of learning and laughs. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me this week was related to the got den? shirts. I had the pleasure of giving away some of the “got den?” shirts to attendees. As many of you know, we had a limited supply, so unfortunately, we couldn’t give them to everyone. Instead, we held a few challenges on social media to give them away. Excitement ensued, but so did a little disappointment. As the pictures began coming in, I was super excited. I was walking around watching pictures get taken, posing for pictures myself, and keeping an eye on the “igotden” hashtag. It was awesome and saying that I was happy is a complete understatement.

Below is a video reflection I made on the plane back home about the whole experience.

Here’s a link to a set on Flickr of “got den?” pictures.  If you have your own pictures that aren’t part of the set, please upload them to Flickr and tag them “densi2013” and “gotden?”

While it would have been great to have more shirts available to share with anyone interested, it wasn’t possible this time around.  But please know, whether you have a shirt or not, I truly believe that everyone’s GOT DEN!



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  1. Sheila Fredericks said:

    Even though I didn’t get a shirt, it was so much fun going up to people and being photographed with them! Mario Eleftheros even retweeted our picture to help! Thanks, Chad!

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