You’re Not a Newbie Anymore!

DENSI 2013 has come and gone but I can’t let another day go by without reflecting on what an amazing week it was. This was my third DENSI and each one has left me a changed educator, colleague and learner. However what I think was so special   this time was watching all the newbies as they “metamorphosized.” Seeing them on Sunday evening some timid, some not but all unsure of what the days ahead held and then watching them as each day they learned and shared and opened up was nothing short of miraculous.  None wiser, better, smarter, just all on our own paths yet the same path. We were truly a community of learners! We all believe in the transformative power of teaching, learning and the support technology provides both. I cherish the experience.

For those of you who were not able to make DENSI just know you were in our hearts and that we talked about you and missed you! There have been many links shared but if you want to check out what you may have missed you can go to:

Or find the archives at:


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