Things I Think You Should Read – DENSI Recap Edition

This edition of Things I Think You Should Read are all related to the DEN Summer Institute. The posts shared below are reflections from DENSI that took place in Vermont last week. To me, there’s a common theme – the people. The DEN is you, the community, and those of us who work on the DEN Team for Discovery Education know just how special, unique, and awesome the community is. These posts reflect that love for the DEN.

If you reflected on the DEN Summer Institute and I haven’t included your post, please leave the URL in the comments and I’ll update the post.  I lot of great learning and reflecting took place that needs to be shared.




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    • Heliana Ramirez said:

      I agree I think that time also can give a better perspective on things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and JOY.

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