Chad’s Choices from the Community

Considering that my mind is still swimming with all things DEN Summer Institute, I’m going to continue sharing people and resources related to DENSI 2013. We’ll call this the third special DENSI themed edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community. The first DENSI edition can be found here and the second here. If you want to take a look at previous posts in this series that highlights the DEN Community, visit this link.

I think it’s important to share the thoughts and reflections of those in attendance so others can get an idea how special the DEN Community really is. The word many use is family. For many in Burlington last week, they realized the opportunities available to them thanks to their willingness to connect and share with those in the DEN family.

DENSI Reflections Shared  from First Time Attendees

DENSI Reflections Shared  from Those Who Have Attended Before

People from the Community to Follow (These are all DENSI attendees looking to grow their PLN)

Person of Interest

Maryland DEN STAR and Leadership Council member Zulma Whiteford is this week’s DEN Person of Interest.  At the DEN Summer Institute, she spearheaded a community service project for those less fortunate in the Burlington, Vermont area.  Through Zulma’s leadership Sunday morning, everyone helped make bag lunches for a local shelter and cards of encouragement for families taking care of foster children in the Burlington area.  Without Zulma’s leadership, this fantastic community service project would not have happened.  She helped everyone spread the DEN love.


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