DE Gets Pinning, This Week on Pinterest

From classroom arts and craft activities to creative math lesson plans, Pinterest has it all. Take a look at DEN’s Pinterest Page if you haven’t already. This week we pinned multiple creative math and science lessons, classroom management tips, and brain break activities along with other classroom ideas. Here is a recap:

Teaching fractions? Like pizza? Combine the two in this lesson for students to learn about fractions in a fun and engaging way.







Play a game of checkers math!

Classroom Dr. Seuss arts and crafts ideas, integrating literacy and art!







Great tip: gluing a pompom to the back of a dry erase marker to use as an eraser

Learn about phases of the moon using Oreos.







A fun storytelling game involving students pulling objects out of a bag.

Make your own solar system snow globe…

And your own hovercraft

Watch what happens to gummy bears when students place them in different liquids—a fun science experiment activity.







Be sure to keep checking in on DEN’s Pinterest page for more goodies. Have you ever used Pinterest for your classroom? What are your favorite boards?


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