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Title: Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World

Author:  Tony Wagner

Rating: 5, The content is excellent [well researched and great concepts to ‘chew on’], but also love that QR codes in the print book and built-in for e-books offer supportive videos.

Idea Shift:
 The interviews with young innovators provided a “consistent link and developmental arc in their progression from play to passion to purpose” which showed these young people learned creative thinking skills, intrinsic motivation, and the positive role of failure, i.e., iteration. I can’t help but think that we still allow too much focus on first-time success as the only/best way to work.

Favorite Line/Quote:  There are way too many…but this one sets the stage: The most essential qualities of a successful innovator appear to “represent a set of skills and habits of mind that can be nurtured, taught, and mentored!”

Take Away: Though I work with high school and adult students, I was interested with the Bing Nursery School philosophy on toys and technology, i.e., intentional, using reading as play, and spreading that to parents.

What’s Next: Moving into The Round House by Louise Erdrich

Reviewed by Marie Coleman from Florida



Title:  Drumming to the Beat of a Different Marcher

Author:  Debbie Silver
Favorite Line/Quote: Her storytelling about a typical day at a middle school is humorous with a message. There are so many different stories to tell her.Rating: 4, Debbie Silver is a middle school specialist, so I didn’t want other grade levels to ignore this book.

Idea Shift: My thinking was not really shifted, but reinforced that middle school kids are unique.

Take Away: It takes courage to go against the crowd, even fellow teachers. But if it is the best for students, do it!

What’s Next: Not sure, there are so many great suggested books in the comments.

Reviewed by Robin Martin from Pennsylvania




Author: Maur Desai

Rating: 4 because the article talks about changes in higher and secondary education. This article may not apply to all DEN members.

Favorite Line/Quote: When students use technology to identify and collect information, they no longer depend on the teacher as the source of information.

Idea Shift: The favorite quote about studentsd using technology to identify and collect information causes me to want to infuse more technology into my daily lessons. Students need to be using a technology device to master concepts. Ten years ago that was not he case.

Take Away: If the education world (schools) do not start infusing more technology and spending money on this technology, school as we know it will fail to exist. This is an increasing problem for our society because appropriate social skills will decline.

What’s Next: More articles and textbooks relating to my Adminstrative leadership master’s program.

Reviewed by Cathaleen Hammel from Florida



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