My Reflections on DENSI2013

DENSI2013 was one of the most outstanding events I have ever attended. From the moment I arrived on Friday afternoon for the leadership council pre-conference, I felt like I was attending a family reunion. People who I hadn’t seen face to face in two years greeted me with hugs and smiles. People who I had only communicated with via Twitter or webinars sought me out to say hi.
I found the pre-con LC unconference very useful and would love to see that continue in future years. All of the sessions throughout the week, both “regular” and unconference were fantastic. I will admit to you that at past DENSIs, I usually was so worn out by Wednesday, that I would go back to the dorm and sleep through the afternoon sessions. This year, even with the extra LC pre-con days, I never felt that way. I found sessions during each time slot that were worthwhile and extremely well presented. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the workshops was the sharing that took place. There was such an amazing amount of knowledge in each of the rooms and everyone of the presenters was comfortable serving more as a facilitator of conversations, rather than needing to get “their” material presented. What great modeling of effective classroom practice.
I also really enjoyed the social side of the conference. The opening night barbecue, the trip to the Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms, the ball game, the DENmazing race and the costume party were great opportunities to make connections that will last long after we all return to our normal routines.
I am very thankful to be associated with such a great group of people who share the joy on a daily basis.
I could not conclude this post without thanking Lance, Porter, Kyle, Steve, Hall, Patti, Dean and Chad. Please know that everything you did in preparation for, and during our time together, was appreciated very much.  I am already looking forward to DENSI2014.

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  1. Robin Martin said:

    Family reunion is a great description, after all we all speak the same language! Great post Joe, you said what many of us feel. See you next year and I’ll bring 2 cold water bottles for the DENmazing race!

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