Create Beautiful Data with Infographics!

Geoscience Careers



Create beautiful data for presentations, or have your students create visually stunning posters from their data for FREE! I used an app called Piktochart to create a poster for my Earth Science students about careers in geoscience. I plan to teach my students to create similar posters from their science lab data, for science fair and research products. This is a good technology connection to college and career readiness as college students pay a lot of money to have these posters created with data service companies. This is also a way to help students make data interesting and engaging during their presentations. I will also use this free program to make artistically appealing posters of student data, such as learning styles represented in my class with facts about each style.  Infographics can also be created from data available on the Internet from sources like Google’s Public Data database.

Infographics can be searched and downloaded from the Internet on a variety of subjects to spice up presentations. Here are the infographic sites I have found.


If you use these with your students please share with the DEN community by replying to this post.


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  1. Joan Van Glabek said:

    Just what I needed for a new project I was planning for my online college math students! Will return and report.

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