17 Days Remaining: How do your students study?

This summer at ISTE I had the opportunity to consult with the creators of the flash card program, Study Blue. The company was getting ready to launch a new look to their product and wanted some teacher feedback.

Study Blue can be used as an app or an online activity. The basic concept is that of creating flashcards for students to use as a part of their learning. What makes Study Blue different from other flashcard programs is the collaborative nature of what you can create. This is a FREE program so it fits any budget! Watch a video here.

According to Study Blue, students can quiz themselves from flashcards and track their mastery of key concepts, is available online or as an app for iOS or Android devices. The blog has some ideas for using this in your classroom.

There are several options. Teachers can create cards with just the words or an image and assign students the activity of entering the definitions. Students can share their cards with others or work together on a list. You can speak your entry and the application with change it to text! Enter a photo as a part of the word or definition side of the card! Group students in class and each group might be responsible for creating the flashcards for that unit. Switch groups for the next unit. The options are only limited to your imagination.


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