14 Days Remain: Don’t forget to write! (Edmodo)

I would classify Edmodo as an online communication tool for a group of people. That group can be teachers, teacher/students/parents, a social group, grade level or department. Using Edmodo can be a substitute for a face-to-face meeting or eliminate off task activity. As a part of DiscoveryEducation Network, I have used Edmodo in our Summer Institute for organization, planning and communication with others.

When using it with a school, the set up begins by applying for a district account. Someone needs to be the designee for your district, then you can have them set up your school’s account. All schools do not need to be participating or involved to set up your account. There are a few videos on YouTube to step you through the process.

Now to begin with, create a group for your students, give them the code and invitation to set up accounts. Teachers can use this as a kick off for a discussion about the unit of study asking students to either tell what they know about the subject or student can enter questions they might have about the topic. It can be done at home or in the classroom if you have computers or devices for them. This makes a nice pre-assessment.

There is a library for the teacher to upload documents for student access, trying to keep things paperless as possible. Teachers can also assess the work that students submit and apply the grade according to an uploaded rubric.

In addition, teachers can award badges to students for exceptional work at any time. The badges are up to the discretion of the teacher.

All in all this is an interesting way to teach students about having an online presence, security of their passwords and acting appropriately with classmates in a discussion. Another aspect that I particularly like is the ability to give parents a log in to see only their student’s work. They cannot correct or change anything, just view.

Act fast to review this program, as they have their EdmodoCon this week! It is an all day online webinar filled with examples of how people are using it in their classroom. Some of the sessions are tutorials filled with teaching ideas as well. Here is a link to the schedule and registration. Don’t sit there, register now!


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