My school is adopting the Discovery Techbook this year. I am responsible for the implementation of the Science and Social Studies components. As all of you know, this is a significant change in the way content is delivered to students. Along with change comes anxiety, especially with long-time teachers who might not be comfortable with such a fundamental shift in the educational paradigm.

I recognize the signs of anxiety and reluctance in my fellow teachers and have worked to address their concerns and make them comfortable with new technology. I was encouraged by an email I received from a teacher:

“I am excited to use the techbooks this year! I have also been exploring the techbooks and feel good about starting the year. I know the first year will be a learning process with some glitches, but it will also be a year filled with so much excitement and learning!”

This teacher’s excitement will be contagious, providing a positive learning experience to her students.

Don’t be afraid to encourage new teachers to explore new technologies and learning modalities. You might be surprised with what you find!


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