DENvisory Board Elections

The mission of the DENvisory Board is to continue to make the DEN membership experiences meaningful and engaging for all participants, help the DEN (members) stay active and grow, provide a venue to showcase and share talents of our members, and provide a continued sense of community through active, positive, and professional leadership.

The DENvisory Board is a group of elected DEN LC Members who serve a 2-year term. Those elected in 2013 will have an automatic acceptance to DENSI2014. Here are the candidates:

Follow this handy link or click on the links below.

Joli Barker

Tracie Belt

Mark Case

Tim Childers

Patti Grammens

Cathy Houchin

Tom Mclaughlin

Conni Mulligan

Paula Naugle

Carol Scholz

Jeannine Shields

Tony Spittell

Karen Wells

Zulma Whiteford

Rachel Yurk

These are 15 great candidates! After you have had a chance to review their qualifications, click here to vote. You may vote for 3 candidates to represent you on the DENvisory Board. Polls are open through August 30. Vote early, but not often. You may only cast your vote once, so do your research!




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