Day 8 before my summer ends :( – BINGO!

B I N G O ! What do you think of? Bingo is a game that kids can play as soon as they recognize numbers. I have seen BINGO games with photos, clipart and letters as well.

I created BINGO cards to use with teacher training this year. The real challenge for teachers, will be to fill out the whole card, but getting newbies to try new ideas may be harder than I imagine, so BINGO  it is.

There are several sites that offer free BINGO such as this list: Some allow images, phrases, multi-word entries. On some sites you can set the size of the card to 5 x 5. 4 x 4, or something else. Be sure to read about the bingo type before spending a lot of time creating. Begin by making a list of words or images on a text document. I found myself editing the list numerous times while reviewing the .pdf created at the end.

The site I chose was:  This site allowed me to create a list of bingo words and it randomized the list for  a certain umber of cards. Custom cards can be generated in 1, 2, or 4 per page formats. You can also customize the column headers (i.e. if you don’t want it to say BINGO at the top, you can change it!) I used this list for our teachers:

Make a Voice Thread                         Create a Twitter Account

Tried Evernote                                   Read a blog

Make a Google Map                           Played an App Game

Edit a photo                                       Played a puzzle app or online

Used a weather app                            Used a Health or Fitness app

Tried Shazaam                                   Bookmark Keeper

Used Discovery Ed video                    Used a QR Code

Found DiscoveryED lesson                  Find YouTube Vid for class

Read Copyright page                           Make a Video for class

Share a GDoc w/class                         Made an Audio Recording

Added an App to Chrome                     Used PicCollage

Make Word Cloud                                Big Huge Labs Project


On this site, I chose 5 x 5 cards to print 2 on a page. A normal bingo game has 75 numbers. I used this above list and put it into the first column and selected any word for any column.

I am going to use this with my students as well. In our school students get their GMail in 6th grade and we go over skills for Docs, Calendar, Mail, searching and this year Chrome apps/extensions. So I’ll need to create 24 skills that I want students to understand when using Google.

You can choose just about any topic for BINGO with your class. Why not create a BINGO card of all the different things someone could do with the many DiscoveryEd resources!


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