DEN Reads and Shares

Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the time to share your favorite professional reads over the past months. I know there are lots of DEN Stars and other educators who have benefited so much from your spirit of sharing. As we have highlighted each of the titles, I wanted to share the master list of professional reads with you. It’s not “pretty” but it is a Google spreadsheet that provides all of the recommendations for you. Enjoy, and please continue to share!


Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement for what is next with DEN Reads. Here’s a hint… we’re going to be a bit more chatty!


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  1. Donna Miller said:

    Thanks for the great resource. I have read a few these titles based on the recommendations and have learned a lot. I look forward to future recommendations.

  2. Diane Ripollone said:


    Thanks for doing this, I know I will be sharing this list with my colleagues. Working on getting through the list.

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