Did You Know…


Did you know that the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources office maintains a “Contests and Awards” page that is full of opportunities for schools, clubs, individual students and teachers? Many of these contests can serve as the basis of student science projects (group and individual) and may also lead to funding or in-kind support for ongoing projects or activities. The contests include (but are not limited to) poster, art and photography contests, school and community service project awards, teaching awards, recycling awards, gardening awards, speech and essay contests and more. The can always be found on www.eenorthcarolina.org under the “GRANTS” tab (which you also need to keep a check on) or link directly at http://web.eenorthcarolina.org/core/item/topic.aspx?tid=85050



  1. namrata said:

    This is an absolutely awesome resource! I’m working on an environmental project & I found four contests that my students can enter & tons of resources. Thank you

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