First Round of DEN Gone Country Attendees Announced

UPDATE: New names announced!  A few spots remaining!

Its that time: August 15.  The day many have been waiting for with their breath held while standing on their tippy toes!  Yes, it is the announcement of the first round of attendees for DEN Gone Country, a DEN Mini-Event in Nashville, TN, to be held from September 20th to September 22nd.

We still have room for a few more, so it is not too late to apply!  Simply head over to our Wufoo page and fill out an application.  And if you need a little more information, leave a comment below and we’ll try to answer your questions as best we can!

Here is that Wufoo link.

And here are the announced attendees!

Patricia Barrera (TX)

Christy Blandon (SC)

Suzanne Brooks (SC)

Mark Case (NC)

Elizabeth Charlton (IL)

Tim Childers (TN)

Mary Christian (TN)

Amy Dent (SC)

Carmella Doty (MD)

Patricia Dueber (TN)

Susan Gauthier (LA)

Matt Graves (TN)

DENnis Grice (CA)

Karla Halcomb (TN)

Ana Hale (GA)

Molly Hay (OH)

Renee Henderson (MD)

Selena Jimenez (NC)

Dacia Jones (NC)

Kristin Magee (SC)

Ruth Manlandro (FL)

Marian Martin (TX)

Evelyn McFadden (AR)

Michael Medvinsky (MI)

Jessie Miller (TN)

Mary Milner-Stephens (WI)

Conni Mulligan (NC)

Brian Nido (DC)

Porter Palmer (MI)

Gena Price (MI)

Carolyn Rains (AL)

Bradley Reece (TN)

Carole Romeiser (TN)

Kati Searcy (GA)

Heather Temske (GA)

Anne Truger (IL)

Michelle Turner (NC)

Cheryl Woolwine (FL)

In addition, Tim Childers, Karla Halcomb, Matt Graves, and Carole Romeiser of the TN DEN Leadership Council will be there along with the DEN Princess herself, Porter Palmer!

Congratulations!  More announcements soon!




  1. Chad Lehman said:

    I’ll be at DENapalooza Pittsburgh that weekend. We should set up a Google Hangout or something Saturday morning to connect the groups. Steve will be in Denver doing the same. Let’s connect everyone!

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