6 Days Until My School Begins – Chrome Apps & Extensions

Chrome has become my browser of choice for the past year. I like the way it looks and how I can personalize it. Did you know that there are many Chrome apps and extensions that can help you work and play more efficiently?

When you open Chrome, open a new blank tab and look at the bottom of the screen. You should see “most visited”, “apps”, “other devices” “recently closed and “web store”. Let’s explore the web store.

There are hundreds and soon to grow to thousands of apps and extensions sorted by categories, but we will begin with searching the Education category.

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave voice comments on a document, rather than a written comment? Well you can, with the app “voice comments”. You can open documents with voice, record comments and share them with your students. This way you can place emphasis on the words you choose and they will hear it in your voice! This video will give you an idea on how to use voice comments http://bit.ly/16tT3Na
  2. PicMonkey is a simple way to edit images or create a collage.
  3. InstaGrok – This is a visual type of dictionary that connects words, video and websites. Try it by typing in excalibur and see the results. Click on any of the connecting circles to see more results.
  4. Pixton – This is a comic maker. Use it to create a scene to explain a scientific process or have two characters from a book talk to each other about the plot.
  5. 3D – This is a 3D creating app. Students can play and explore how to make something curriculum related.
  6. StudyBlue – Flashcard apps are plentiful. StudyBlue will let you share your stack with other students in the same class.
  7. BrainPop Featured Movie – This is a back connection to the BrainPop site and the free movie a day. This might be a good reminder to see what they are featuring each day.
  8. Feedly – Since GoogleReader has been discontinued, Feedly has become a popular way for people to curate their blogs into one readable format.
  9. Videonot.es: Used to play video with included notes. Add notes and it attaches the note to the specific time in the video. Can replay the video from the point in the notes by clicking.

This is a short script that adds some functionality to your browser. You can see which extensions are installed because they place an icon on the right side of your browser bar. By clicking on the extension, you have a shortcut to a process. For example, if I click on the extension for GoogleApps, it will take me right to my calendar. There is a number that overlays on my calendar that tells me how many new items I need to check.

  1. goo.gl – a URL shortener – This will take those very long URL and shorten it to about 10 characters. While shortening, it will also generate a QR Code if you want it.
  2. Ginger – spelling and grammar checker
  3. Pinterest – clip interesting things directly to your Pinterest account.
  4. Diigo – a bookmark curation extension to collect sites and their URL.
  5. Other sites with GoogleApps and Extensions information.
  6. Review of apps and extensions:  http://www.webappreviews.org/
  7. Chrome apps organized by grade level:  http://bit.ly/16i2P2d

You can change the look of your Chrome browser with different themes. Once you open the Chrome Store, look at the bottom of the left column for Themes. You can choose from many styles of colors, designs and artists. Enjoy the fun and change often!

You can also view the video presentations from the Google Booth at ISTE13 here: http://www.youtube.com/user/eduatgoogle/videos



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