Fun Fact Friday: Thomas Edison

Did you know that Thomas Edison invented over 1000 electrical products, most of which we still use some form of today? It’s true!

Most people are aware that Edison invented the first practical light bulb, and the phonograph record, but did you know that he invented the motion picture camera? He also invented switches, fuses, a mechanical voting machine, a battery for an electric car, and the stock ticker. Edison also created power lines, and the first power plant, making him responsible for the eventual proliferation of electrical power throughout the world.

Edison came from humble beginnings, and was the youngest of seven children. He began his working life by selling candy, newspapers, and vegetables, while working on chemistry and electrical experiments in his spare time. Edison eventually went on to create the first industrial research laboratory, as well as founding General Electric, which remains a massive corporation, even today.

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  1. eugene said:

    Edison is one of my fave figure. Inspiring everyone else to make somethin better in the future.

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