4 Days Remain: Discovery to the Rescue!

Does your school have a subscription to DiscoveryEducation? In years past our state of Pennsylvania paid for this resources for students and teachers to use in the classroom. That changed and now our Intermediate Unit coordinates the purchase of these services for schools. I cold write a blog post each day for a year and still not cover all of the ways the resources can be used in the classroom. Most people are aware of the fabulous videos and tech books produced by Discovery, but did you know there are many FREE resources that you can use and suggest to your parents as well?

When you arrive at http://www.discoveryeducation.com/ look around at the links and resources suggested. There is no need to log in to access these great educational products. The categories include Administration, Teachers, Parents and Students. Each has activities designed for that group.

Contests are available for just about every age group and are found in the parent section. Review them early, as the deadlines which sneak up on you quickly!

If you want a unique puzzle or looking for some lesson plans, these are true tested by educators. Yo can’t miss with the different puzzle types you can create here. Have your students create something for your class as a homework assignment. Get them involved. On the puzzle page you will also find a link to subscribe to the DiscoveryEducation Newsletter. Take a look at the calendar of events on this page as well, sharing special events for the upcoming week/month so you can plan to coordinate it with your curriculum.

Need some time filler activity? Take a look at the Brain Boosters in the teacher section. There are over 100 ideas you can use with your students. There are so many resources available for free including the many excellent webinars you can watch from the comfort of your own sofa with slippers!

One of the BEST parts of DiscoveryEducation is the DEN or Discovery Education Network. Make this a first step in creating your PLN (professional learning network). Connect with other teachers across the US and other countries. By reading the ways to connect (http://bit.ly/14JODew) you can select which way you want to be professionally involved in furthering your knowledge.

So if you only have time to get involved in one professional group or activity, choose the DEN. You might just find an educator who is looking to connect with you and your classroom!

I know this post may be preaching to the choir, but share it with your educators who are NOT connected. Perhaps they might find a nugget of something they could use in their classroom.  And don’t forget to sign up for the FREE 60 day preview of Streaming Plus! Enjoy!


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