Just Say “Yes!”

This week I am beginning a new career venture. After 17 years in elementary classrooms and 13 years as an elementary library media specialist I am moving into a position as a middle school MRS  or Media Resource Specialist. This move has been completely my choice and one I weighed carefully.

I am nervous, scared but most of all excited. I am moving at a time when my profession is undergoing huge changes in opportunity and expectations. In my district our name has changed to Media Resource Specialist because the walls of the library are no longer the defining boundaries of our impact. Students have 24/7 access to information and resources.  The very space that we have traditionally called “the library” is now being called the “learning commons.” Patrons are able to do much more than check out books and read quietly. Students may be working collaboratively on projects, engaging in virtual book clubs, blogging with learners across the globe, or reading on their personal devices. Parents and staff may utilize the learning commons for classes, clubs, tutoring, or meetings. The learning commons is supposed to be the hub of the learning community. So this is a very exciting time to make a move.

Our district has also established a new BYOT initiative to be launched K-12.This adds another layer of challenge, but I am anticipating shared responsibility that will have the potential for great collaborative situations.

So as I face a new position, a new title, a new learning space, and new initiatives the things that will remain constant for me will be the DEN learning community and my fellow district Media Resource Specialists. I had several wonderful conversations at DENSI 2013 with Emma Haygood, and Patricia Brownlee about their teaching practice with middle schoolers. I discussed my opportunity with them and both were very encouraging. I attended the session on DENbrarians and am excited about sharing this book club initiative with students and teachers. I know that if I reach out to gurus like Dennis, Dave T & LeaAnne that they will be there to support me. I look forward to sharing Discovery Resources with a new staff and am hopeful I can recruit some STARS. As I move through this new venture I invite any middle school educators or anyone interested period to just say “yes” and share their journey too.

One of my favorite quotes is one by ByDee “No One of US is as Smart as All of US.”  I look forward to the shared adventure!


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