3 Days Remaining Until My School Begins – Crowd Sourced Materials

If you have been following along then you will love today’s resource! By this point you should be working on creating a PLN, a Twitter account, a blog and more. The idea is to learn and contribute. Tom Barrett has produced a series of “Interesting Ways…” documents that are crowd sourced ideas. You will see what I mean when you open one here: http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/

I love that he created the document and encouraged others to contribute ideas so it remains a “live document” for everyone to use in their classroom. So the idea is not to create your own documents, but browse through Tom’s and add your idea to the end of the document.

He has a collection of 39 different ideas that you can contribute to very easily. Choose one flip through it and find several ideas you can use in your classroom. I’m sure you will find many.


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