Mousey Monday – California Gold Rush














Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey and the Discovery Education Support team to our Cache and Cookies readers! It was On this Day in 1848 that the New York Herald breaks the news to the East cost of the United States of the California Gold Rush, although the rush actually started in January.

The California Gold Rush began when gold was found by James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848. News of the gold caused people to flock to California throughout 1848. While the majority of the people were Americans, the California Gold Rush also attracted Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Discovery Education has an informative 26 minute full video titled Trail to Riches: The California Gold Rush and Settlement of the Pacific Northwest. The video also includes a Teacher’s Guide to assist teachers with using the video to its full potential in a classroom setting. This full video provides details of all the hardships endured by those chasing the gold in 1848.

Discovery Education also has a 1 minute video segment titled The California Gold Rush: A Review that summarizes the history and events of the California Gold Rush.

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