First Day of School Ideas!

Try something new for the start of school this year. Here are some suggested activities form some leaders in education. There are suggestions about seating assignments as well as thoughts for making new students feel at home in your room.

  1. Robert Byrne:
  2. Tom Barrett – 36 Ways to get to know your class better:
  3. Edudemic – 5 Ways to Make New STudents Feel Comfortable:
  4. Edgalaxy: 10 Great Classroom Ice Breakers:
  5. Larry Ferlazzo:
  6. Jerry Blumgarten – Cybraryman – Seating charts: and getting organized:  First day of school:
  7. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning:
  8. Teachers Pay Teachers:  
  9. Larry Ferlazzo:
  10. Edutopia:
  11. Edutopia: You only get 1 first day:
    What message are we sending parents with first contact:
Explore each of the above sites in detail, as many of them have numerous links on the page. Tom Barrett’s page includes a crowd sourced selection of ideas. Add a page at the end and make a suggestion! But most of all have a great start of school and make it memorable for everyone, including you.

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