Field Day!

Post by Andrew Harshey

Later this afternoon, our team will be participating in a field day for some healthy competition between Discovery Education’s employees. It’s Sales vs. Support in the battle for the title of Discovery Education’s A-Team! With games such as tug of war, pillow sack races, three legged races, and water balloon tosses, it’s sure to be a day filled with fun and competition.

Field Day will provide us with a great chance to bond as a team, while also giving us some much needed stress relief before the back-to-school rush. We’re entering crunch time here at Discovery Education and the pressure is on! While this will not be the Ancient Greek Olympics, we’re all looking forward to the chance to get outside, get some fresh air, and compete against our fellow coworkers.

We’ll be sure to check back in next week to report and let you know how everything goes! Keep your fingers crossed for a Support Team victory!


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