And the Winner is…

Last week we posted about our excitement for our field day between Discovery Education’s Support team and Sales team. When it came down to it, the only competition between our two teams ended up being who had the best turn out. With the Sales team only rounding up 3 people, we decided to join together and make it a battle of girls vs. guys. We had a great time fighting back and forth with each game, but in the end the guys took the win (although it should be shared since the girls won the Tug of War 🙂 ). Check out our pictures from some of last week’s competitions:















We started the competition off with a 3-Legged race. The guys had a great strategy and worked together to finish before the girls were even able to shuffle their way to the halfway point.











The Water Balloon Toss ended very quickly for some and lasted abnormally long for others. With 6 pairs of teammates fighting to be the last ones standing, each team’s elimination ended in a hilarious splash.

Andrew, Daniel, and Julia were our top Hula Hooper’s of the day. We underestimated their ability and didn’t realize that they could have gone all day long. We ended up throwing in some obstacles to make it more difficult for them, but the guys surprisingly ended up winning this one.





With a little assistance from my long legs, the girls dominated the Mummy Wrap race. After being wrapped in an entire toilet paper roll, we hopped down the field and back before the guys team finished their wrapping.

After a couple hours of intense competition between teams, we still managed to come together for a group picture.

We hope you enjoyed our recap as much as we enjoyed our day!


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