A Lifetime of PhUn

This week gives the potential for a lifetime of PhUn. PhUn week reached over 10,000 students last year and they would like to increase those numbers. There are freebies given to both the teacher and the students.

PhUn Week is a nationwide outreach program building connections between scientists and their local schools. PhUn Week is distinctive for two reasons:

§  It fosters grassroots partnerships between biomedical researchers and K-12 teachers; and
§  It is carried out into classrooms by “citizen scientists” composed of a senior researcher along with his or her undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral students.

As the leading professional organization of physiology researchers and educators in the U.S., the APS is uniquely positioned to deploy a national coordinated event to promote the understanding of physiology in health and disease. Individual physiologists, physiology departments, and regional chapters of the APS all coordinate PhUn Week events and activities, ranging from single classroom visits to large-scale local events at schools, universities and museums.

The goals of PhUn Week are to:

§  Increase student interest in and understanding of physiology in their lives.
§  Increase teacher recognition of physiology in their standards-based science curriculum.
§  Introduce students to physiology as a possible career.
§  Involve more physiologists in outreach to the students and teachers in their communities.
November 4-8, 2013
Visit the website at www.phunweek.org