DEN Reads Goes Fishing

Have you picked up your copy of the Fish! book for our DEN Reads book club yet?

Are you impatient to start up with the activities?

Let’s get things going, at least informally!


We are starting things off with an official Twitter hashtag. For following the DEN Reads book club chat, use the hashtag #denreads.

  • Jump in. Let us know who you are and why you are joining the book club.
  • Share your motivations for joining the conversation.
  • Give your first impressions and “aha!” moments.
  • Tell us your thoughts for implementation.
As we move toward a more structured chat, we will have discussion prompts for the Twitter chat. They will be on-going, searchable, and asynchronous. Join when and how you can!  We are glad you are Fish-ing with us!

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  1. Donna Miller said:

    Just got the book and am beginning to read it. Look forward to the discussion!

  2. Pam Moore said:

    This book has been on our office bookshelf for years. When I saw that it was the DEN book club selection, I grabbed it and immediately starting reading. It was a wonderful read. My biggest aha at the moment is the simplicity of the principles. I can’t wait to discuss and more importantly to apply them to our group and what we do.

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