How does important, complicated, and serious work get done?

Think putting a man on the moon.

Think bring Apollo 13 home.

Through collaboration!  

Our times require us all to be willing, able and effective in our collaborations within and across networks.  We need to be explores of the power and potential of ‘interdependence’ because we and others are investors, owners, caretakers and creators of the physical and thoughtful community space we share. Healthy collaborations may ‘just happen’ yet, more likely, they will need to be nurtured and developed.  We need to be committed to connecting with others collaboratively and be prepared to find new ways to build, sustain and expand communities of collaborations for the good of each and every student.

  • Yes, times are complex!
  • Yes, the stakes are high for our students and community!
  • Yes, there are many that are caught in “can’t” – wrapped up in a negative spiral.
  • We need to avoid the nonconstructive energy that is sometimes around us.  We have potential – together, we can make a difference!!!

We need to develop the capacity to mobilize our collective potential and turn it into positive power – to set in motion positive ripples of confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and performance.   Getting good at appreciating ‘what is’ provides us with a focus to help as we frame our day, our work and or our sense of the possible.  A positive, forward looking, plan allows us and others to approach and tackle the real world challenges and opportunities we encounter with resourcefulness.  Together we need to discover and focus on the direction and actions leading to outcomes of improvement for our students and our communities.


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