One Community, Five Voices

Digital transformation in our school systems can’t happen without the support of an entire community. Administrators, principals, teachers, parents, students, and communities must work together to create and sustain a culture of change.

During the week of September 23, Discovery Education will be hosting five virtual events from around the country featuring the voices of five individuals who are leading or supporting their district’s transition to digital resources. Tune in to gain insight into how key stakeholders can support a cultural shift to digital learning, and what digital instruction can look like in practice.

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The Administrator
“Transformation: From Vision to Reality”
Monday, September 23
1:00 —1:30 PM ET

Dr. Valerie Truesdale, Chief Learning Services Officer, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC
Dr. Valerie Truesdale joined Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as chief information officer in October 2012. She has been charged with responsibility for transforming learning and schools using technology integration to spur innovation and prepare students for 21st century careers.Dr. Truesdale spent most of her career in public schools in South Carolina. In addition to serving over nine years as superintendent in Beaufort County and Oconee County in South Carolina, she served as a chief instructional services officer in Lexington/Richland Counties for nine years. Dr. Truesdale is a former high school principal, assistant principal, personnel administrator and teacher at high school and college levels.

The Principal
“Supporting Educators Through the Transition”
Tuesday, September 24
1:00PM — 1:30 PM ET

Delsia Easley, Principal, Gadsden School District, AL
Delsia Easley is Principal at W. E. Striplin Elementary School in Gadsden, Alabama. She has been in education for 19 years where she has served in the capacity of School District Translator, Classroom Teacher, Homeless Liaison, and Mentor. She currently serves on the Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council, she is DEN STAR, and is leading a STAR Ambassador group. She is passionate about technology, strategies for at-risk students, public education, and implementing the College and Career Readiness Standards. Her passion is to transform education by implementing technology and motivating teachers to empower students.

The Teacher
“Model Lesson”
Wednesday, September 25
1:00PM — 1:30 PM ET

Cheryl Lykowski, Teacher, Bedford Public Schools, MI
Cheryl Lykowski holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and teaches 2nd grade at Monroe Road Elementary. She is also an adjunct professor at Lourdes University. When not in the classroom, Lykowski travels the country presenting at various state and national tech conferences.

The Parent
“How Parents Can Help Students Navigate the Digital Age”
Thursday, September 26
8:00 — 8:30 PM ET

Leon Pridgen, Parent, Mooresville, NC
Leon currently resides in Mooresville, NC with his wife Gail. Their two children, Leondra and Leon Jr are graduates (2010 and 2012) of the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD). MGSD is regarded nationally and internationally as the leader in digital conversion. Leon is an enthusiastic champion of the use of digital technology in the classroom. He has witnessed firsthand the tremendous educational strides made with the methodical implementation of technology in student’s hands. After playing a pivotal role in his own community, he now provides community outreach to parent groups and school educators and administrators on the importance of building a team approach to digital conversion.

The Students
“Student Work”
Friday, September 27
1:00PM — 1:30 PM ET

Krystal Irby, 8th Grade Teacher, McKinley Middle School, NM
Krystal Irby has been teaching for 5 years, and is currently teaching 8th grade Physical Science at McKinley Middle School in Albuquerque, NM. Krystal advises the after-school MESA club, and has helped various student teams participate in numerous STEM competitions. She was selected to attend the Siemen’s STEM Academy as a fellow in 2013, and is one of the technology leads for her school site. Krystal is a DEN STAR, and is currently leading the middle and high school Discovery Ambassador group in Albuquerque Public School district. In her classroom, Krystal uses a variety of student-centered learning activities including centers with hands-on labs, virtual labs from the Science Techbook, creating digital products through video and various apps on the iPad, and in particular she will be showcasing how her student’s use the new Board Builder in the Discovery Education Student Center.


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