9 Days and 2 Spots Left for DEN Gone Country!

We are 9 days away from the awesomely fantastic DEN Gone Country Event!  We’ve been bumping our limit of 40 people for a couple of weeks now.  As 1 person had to drop out, another stepped in to take their place.  We understand.  Life happens.

And no one knows more about life happening than teachers!

But, at this point we are a mere 9 days away from launching this fantastic weekend in Nashville, and we have exhausted our waiting list!

As a result, we have TWO SPOTS LEFT.

If you’ve been thinking about going, this is your chance.  Hotel rooms are reserved.  Cars are waiting.  You need to be there!

  • Friday night on board the General Jackson for a get-to-know-you evening
  • Saturday at the Country Music Hall of Fame learning from songwriters and fiddle players about how to tie music into your Common Core lessons
  • Saturday night is another great social time with plenty of opportunity for you to see downtown Nashville
  • Sunday we wrap it all up at the Hotel Preston and tie it up in a nice, neat DE Streaming bow!

You are responsible for your travel.  You can share a room with 2 or 3 others (we believe in being close in the DEN!) to cut down on expenses.  Meals are your responsibility (well, except for the General Jackson).

So what are you waiting for?  These spots have opened up just for you!

Send in your application at our wufoo site today!

Here is that Wufoo link again.