Hey High School Teachers…

I’m going to be presenting to High School Teachers on using Discovery Education. I’m just looking for a quick response from you as to your favorite uses of Discovery Education. If you could share what you teach and how you use DE, I’ll be sure to share and give you credit. Also please RT this and share it on FB or wherever. Don’t worry if your idea is basic or if you think it’s not very innovative. These folks are just starting and need a few ideas. I have a few but would love to include yours as well.



  1. Sara Badiner said:

    I teach high school ELA in a district that doesn’t really see the value of technology in an ELA classroom, so find that I have to really think outside the box and really on myself when it comes to figuring out how to reach my students in a “21st” century way. One thing I did just this week: My students are reading “The Birds” by Daphne Du Maurier. Of course, there are hundreds of references to bird species that are not native to our area. One bird, in particular, is used to build suspense and make the threat real to the reader. That is the Gannet. We read the passage that explains this bird attacking our protagonist and the students didn’t think much of it. So, instead of just telling my students, “this is a gannet, this is what it looks like,” etc… I showed part of a video segment (about 90 seconds or so) — Nature’s Most Amazing Events: Army of Predators. The segment is titled “Preparing for the Sardine Run”. After we watched the clip, I started seeing the understanding on my students’ faces. Then, we went and reread that passage. Suddenly, there were lots of side conversations… “woah, imagine seeing that bird coming at you” and “that thing would’ve driven a hole right through the top of his head” etc…

    As a high school ELA teacher, these are the types of things I want others to share with me… so I hope this will be helpful to someone else 🙂

  2. Donna Miller said:

    I am an elementary library teacher – so my uses will vary – but the concept is the same. I show a video of a book or passage and then put the students into groups and have them create a board (board builder) that shows the beginning, middle, end of story, or explore a main character, or whatever.
    Good luck!

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