Klikaklu Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are a fun way for students to use problem solving skills, to work in teams, to practice comprehensions skills, and to use technology resources all while practicing subject matter.  For “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (September 19th), I arranged a fun math treasure hunt for the second grade classes.  It was a perfect opportunity to pull in the theme of the day with a fun learning activity.

For the treasure hunt, I used an iPad app called Klikaklu.  Klikaklu allows you to create a treasure hunt based on images.  The students would have to locate places in the common areas of the school, by picture provided to them in the app, to find the hidden treasure chests and directions that held math activities for them.  The students had a great time using the app because it was a true treasure hunt to find the hidden locations.  They also enjoyed the math activities which were all pirate themed.  For example, one treasure chest contained many strands of different length beads and the students needed to measure out strands that were 9 inches and 17 centimeters and place them in their loot bag.

The Klikaklu app was perfect for this activity.  The app is free or you can pay to upgrade.  The free app will give you everything you need to create a treasure hunt and to allow your students to play the hunt.  However, with the free account the students will see advertisements.  I opted to pay $4.99 to upgrade my Klikaklu account.  This allowed me to create a treasure hunt with more options and my students would be able to play without seeing ads.  I like that the upgrade only needs to be paid for the person creating the scavenger hunts.  The students can still use the free version of the app. Once I created the treasure hunt, I shared it publicly and the other iPad apps were able to find the shared hunt by location.  Your treasure hunts can also be kept private, shared by email, by QR code, or by number code that can be provided to your players.  The app worked great for our indoor treasure hunt and can be used outside as well.  There is a GPS location feature embedded in the app to assist with outdoor hunts, but this can be turned off for inside hunts.  There are so many options you can use within the app with each location to make your treasure hunt fun and engaging.

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