Fun Fact Friday: George Washington

George Washington is often called the father of our country, and is a figure of fascination for many people, but there are many facts about him that are not necessarily common knowledge. For example, one of his hobbies was breeding hound dogs.

Here are some other interesting facts about the nation’s first president:

  • While he helped plan the nation’s capital, he never lived in Washington D.C.
  • He married at 26 and had 2 stepchildren, but none of his own.
  • Washington was over 6 feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds.
  • He didn’t wear a wig, as is commonly thought. Rather, he powdered his hair.
  • Washington had great physical strength, even later in life, which amazed his more youthful peers.
  • He was plagued by toothaches for most of his life, and it’s said that was the reason for his dour expression in many portraits, including the $1 bill.
  • He was an excellent horseman, and praised as such by the English leadership. Their praise was an indicator of his exceptional skill, as he was also considered an enemy of the crown.

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