10/9 at 1pm ET: Virtual Field Trip From the Autodesk Gallery

Exploring Design – The Gateway to the Future 

October 9th at 1pm ET

See how STEAM subjects influence real-world design! 

Come join us for very cool Virtual Field Trip from the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco on October 9th at 1pmET.  The Autodesk Gallery is a showroom of innovative design to illustrate projects that make use of Autodesk technology, to support industries that depend on a foundation of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) subjects.

On this Virtual Field Trip, students will learn how technology empowers designers, engineers, and architects to produce projects that transform our lives each day. Many of these awe-inspiring projects are shaping our future, and industries need students who are prepared to imagine, design, and create the next great solution.

Our host – Dean Shareski, Educational Technologist – will give us an up-close look at real-world design. Students will meet an “Autodesker” whose passion for STEAM-based subjects helps him design some of the most amazing 3D design software available, and students will also see firsthand how they can use FREE Autodesk software to imagine what’s next.

Pre-event Activities:

Help build background knowledge for this event by trying the following.

  1. Register for the Virtual Field Trip: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8370336903
  2. Go to http://digitalsteam.autodesk.com where you’ll find creative lesson plans and projects.
  3. Watch the Design Cool Things that Matter video with your students on this page.
  4. Check out the free Pixlr app on your computer or download it to your mobile device.

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