Connect With the DEN During CEM

October is Connected Educator Month and the DEN, a community who connects educators to their most valuable resource…each other, has a long list of activities available throughout the month for you. There are plenty of activities for you, the connected educator, but also plenty of opportunities for those not as connected, to take steps towards becoming more involved.

Take a look at our Connected Educator Month page for details on activities ranging from blog posts to Twitter chats to webinars to virtual field trips and more.

Here are a few highlights:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter webinar
  • More than one Virtual Field Trip
  • A Google Hangout with the DENvisory Board
  • A new DENZone podcast
  • A webinar with the great Hall Davidson
  • Get an update during a “State of DEN” webinar

Join us for as many of these activities as you can.  Feel free to download the activity calendar and share it with your colleagues.  A great idea would be to print out the calendar and put it in your staff lounge!



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