Five to Follow

We are always looking to help connect educators to their most valuable resource…each other.  We know the DEN Community is very connected and many of you have connected with other DEN members who have shared resources, ideas, and tips that you’ve benefitted from.  As you’re reading this, names are probably popping into your head right now.  What better time than Connected Educator Month to start sharing those names.  The time is now for you to recommend fellow DEN members that others should connect with.  Beginning next week, we are going to be sharing “Five to Follow”, DEN members nominated by their peers, who have made that special connection that characterizes what the DEN is really about.  If you have someone you’d like to recommend others follow, fill out the form below – more than once if needed.  We’ll be featuring these people in a variety of ways to help get others connected with these DENmazing educators.



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