Let’s Fish! – Part 4

Here’s Our Schedule of Events…

What are your options? Remember, do what you can, when you can! 

1. Sign up to participate in and follow the #denreads hash tag on Twitter. Go ahead and introduce yourself, telling your name and when you are from. Decide how you want to follow.

2. Keep up with the DEN Blogs. We will have a series of four blog posts for the weeks of September 23 and September 30. Read and continue the conversation through the comments. Being a part of the DEN offers many ways to be connected, so this is a great way to get your feet wet.

3. Join the Edmodo Group for the Fish! book study. The group code is cvt5te. For the weeks of September 23 and September 30, participate in the discussions happening in the Edmodo group.


Our Fourth, and Final, Discussion Point…

Use the comment section below as a way to generate discussion about Fish!  Part of being a connected educator is using forums like this one to extend conversations. If you leave a comment, check back and respond to those who might have responded to your thoughts. Also, be sure to take the time to read the comments below. Often, as much (or meaning) comes from the discussion in the comments than comes from the original post.

Thinking about the four tenants of the Fish! philosophy and the idea of bringing them into a school/district/classroom, what would they look like?

Choose Your Attitude


Make Their Day

Be Present 

Share your ideas for implementing any, or all, of the main ideas of Fish! in your learning and living space. What are your goals for doing so? How do you see this working with your peers and/or with your students?




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  1. Mark said:

    Choose Your Attitude

    I have put the menu on my classroom door. I have also hung a hook outside the door. Many of my kids have peronal issues. We had a discussion the other day: leave the issues outside. Mentally hang them on the hook. If the issue is still there when they leave, they can take it with them. If not, well, someone took care of the issue for them and they don’t have to worry about it any more.

    Play: We are putting play into our labs. We build water bottle rockets to study Newton’s Laws. We gave out awards for best design, best for holding together, best crash and the most glorious failure! They had a blast.

    Make Their Day: I’ve been playing “Name that tune” with oldies. They love music and the old stuff (ok, the current stuff from when I was a kid) is keeping them interested. We did speed dating for test questions. They had 30 seconds to visit with another class member. Once each class member was visited twice, they were out. That way, everyone was involved.

    Be Present : I was sicker than a dog yesterday. The kids new it. However, I was in class for them. They really appreciated I made the effort to be here for them. Tweeting to the class, Remind 101, instagram. I am speaking their language being there for them

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