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Each Sunday, we will be sharing a featured blog, created using Discovery Education’s Board Builder. Board Builder is a great tool for students to create “multimedia posters” that can hold text, images, and video. The great part of Board Builder is the seamless transition with content from Discovery Education. However, students can also upload their own content, including video and images from other sources. Board Builder can be used in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for a blog post coming October 12 sharing 50 ways to use Board Builder.

This week’s Featured Board shares an example of how Board Builder can be used to create a class newsletter. Take a look at the example below. (Click the image to see the interactive board).



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  1. Stephanie Logan said:

    I am so excited about Board Builder and have been using it with my students to create lab reports. However, we do not have “seamless transition with content from Discovery Education.” The most vital element of a lab report, the data/graphing tool that is available on the Elaborate tab of every DE Tech book lesson, is NOT transferable to Board Builder. Contrary to the youtube tutorial video, ,in which the presenter exports his data to his desktop and then from there onto Board Builder, my students on their net books and myself on my HP laptop have only the option to “save to server”. There is no way to pull that info back up in Board Builder. I have had a conversation with DE Support/Customer feedback to see if their IT people can remedy the situation. Maybe if a lot of us make this request it will happen sooner rather than later?

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