Chad’s Choices from the Community

As you hopefully already know, Connected Educator Month (CEM) is underway!  One of the goals behind Chad’s Choices is very similar to that of CEM – connect educators to each other, ideas, and resources.  With that being said, enjoy this week’s post.  In addition, take a look at the new section of the post – Tweet from the Community.  I’m going to share a tweet from a DEN STAR that I thought was neat.  I don’t know what it’s going to look like from week to week, but it might be a funny quote, something that made me think, or just a simple statement.  We’ll see.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Chad’s Choices from the Community, get acquainted now.  This series is designed to highlight the DEN Community in a variety of ways. You’ll find a few blog posts and resources that were shared by a DEN member on Twitter. Keep in mind, while others may have also shared the same post/article, I saw it posted by the person I’m noting below. Forgive me if I’m not giving credit to the person who first posted it. In addition, you’ll find a few blogs by DEN members and members from community to follow on Twitter. Some of the people listed are veteran DEN members while others are new to the community. Lastly, I’d like to share a DEN Person of Interest.

Articles from the Community

Favorite Tweet from the Community


Blogs/Wikis from the Community

  • Nevada (Clark County) STAR Ally Vice shares what’s going on in her classroom via her class blog.
  • Read the thoughts of South Carolina STAR Sean Junkins on his blog, Sean’s Desk.

People from the Community to Follow 

Person of Interest

This week’s DEN Person of Interest is Rita Mortenson.  Rita, a Wisconsin DEN STAR and member of the DEN Leadership Council, has been sharing her DENthusiasm with the community for a while.  Rita is again hosting a face to face event for the DEN VirtCon and has shared her expertise with Google Tools, iPads, and Discovery Education with educators across the country.  Rita’s also a member of the DENvisory Board and will be participating with other DENvisory Board members on a Google Hangout on October 16 for Connected Educator Month.


Interested in being featured in this blog series?  Do you have something to share for the good of the DEN?  If so, fill out this form.



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