DE Virtual Field Trips Build Powerful Connections

Looking for a great way to connect learners across grade levels and curriculum? Look no further than Discovery Education Virtual Field trips. The virtual field trips are free and offered during the school day so students can participate in real time.

This week  Shorecrest Preparatory School held a virtual field trip event.  It was hosted  by DEN Stars Tracie Belt and Christine Scoby. The discussion was led by high school librarian Courtney Walker. The lunch and learn event connected teachers and students from high school and middle school. Art, science and technology classes met in the library to view the virtual field trip which was taking place at the AUTODESK Gallery in San Francisco. Our school is always on the look out for a great way to connect students across grade levels and across curriculums. The Discovery Education event was the perfect venue.  Dean Shareski led the virtual tour of the gallery and introduced guest speakers, who taught our students and teachers, many creative and innovative ways to use design in the classroom or as part of the STEAM curriculum. Students were able to ask experts on the webinar to answer their own design questions in real time. Our librarian used the webinar as a springboard for discussion between our teachers and students. The two groups shared ideas of how to use the AUTODESK technology for designing in their respective classes. It was interesting to see how the teachers and students interacted together as learners. The idea that teachers and students were participating as equals made for some interesting and creative idea sharing. By the end of the roundtable discussion, the students were excited to begin creating designs that they could recreate with the 3D printer.

At the conclusion of the webinar, a demonstration was held to show how the AUTODESK technology works with our school 3D printer. Shorecrest librarian, Courtney Walker, showed how the printer operates and how the AUTODESK software interacts with the printer. Students were amazed at how the printer built the design that our IT Specialist, Nathan Carlson, made on the 3D computer. By the end of the demonstration the students were already brainstorming ideas of what and how they would begin designing a project in art and technology class.

Teachers also collaborated with ideas of how they could use the 3D technology in their own classrooms.
The Virtual Field trip created a connection between teachers and students which is what authentic learning is all about. If you are looking for a “being there” experience that can connect diverse learners and ideas, try a virtual field trip event. The connection you establish for your students and teachers will be worth the time and effort.


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