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As you know, the DEN is about connecting educators to their most valuable resource…each other. We try to do that in a variety of ways, but have always found that the best connections begin from an initial sharing of ideas and thoughts. Over the years, we’ve seen connections in the DEN grow into wonderful friendships and realize that many people refer to their DEN friends as family. Those connections often start with a simple follow on Twitter or a connection via Facebook. It starts online and then people meet F2F at a DEN event and it takes off from there.

The initial interaction often begins with idea sharing. We decided to ask the DEN Community who they’ve learned from the most and who others should follow. We received a few names and want to share those with you below. We will continue to share recommendations from the community throughout Connected Educator Month (and beyond) to help you become more connected to some of those special people in the DEN.  If you have someone in mind you’d like to recommend to the DEN Community, you can fill out this form.

Here are 5 DEN members to follow, suggested by others in the community. The comments that follow are from those who made the recommendations.

  • Tim Childers – (Twitter, Facebook, blog) “Tim epitomizes what the DEN is all about-he’s always willing to connect to other educators and offer an assist, if needed. He’s always learning new things and shares tutorials for the rest of us.”
  • Lyndsay Ellison – (Twitter) “Lyndsay is a crusader for engaging education. She inspires her students to think outside of the box and helps them to see their true potential. She became a DEN STAR this summer and has been promoting DiscoveryEd even more than she did previous. And that was a lot! DiscoveryEd is a go-to resource for her and she has a knack for finding great lessons and resources for other teachers. When she attends a DEN event, she is the first one to share what she has learned, usually tweeting, texting, Facebooking and emailing resources right from the event!”
  • DENnis Grice – (TwitterFacebookblog) “DENnis is a frequent collaborator and sharer of educational technology bits. His offerings are quality and his desire to help and share with others is authentic.”
  • Kelly Hines – (Twitter, Facebook) “Kelly is one of the busiest DEN STARs I know. She is constantly working with teachers and students, conducting professional development, leading Twitter chats, sharing remarkable finds, and STILL finds time to be a mother and a wife. I’m really just not sure if she ever sleeps.”
  • Sean Junkins – (Twitter, blog) “Digital Integration Specialist for Horry County Schools, SC. Apple Distinguished Educator. Google Certified Teacher and DEN STAR. One of the most passionate and connected educators ever! Follow @sjunkins and you will know why!”


Do you have anyone in mind that should be featured?  Who do you think does a great job of sharing and connecting?  Tell us, we’d love to share your recommendations!



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  1. Mariel Gomez de la Torre said:

    I agree with Chad. Kelly is a great teacher and a great DEN STARs. It has been a pleasure to meet her. I learned so much from her.

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