50 Ways to Use Board Builder

Over the summer, the Discovery Education Student Center received a major upgrade. One of the newest and best features is the addition of Board Builder. We’ve been hearing rave reviews of Board Builder (coming soon to Teacher accounts) and know many of your students are doing wonderful things with it. If you’re not familiar with Board Builder, create and log in with a student account and explore. With the capability of choosing backgrounds, text formats, templates and color schemes, students can customize their collection of resources and tell their own stories. Any Discovery Education resource can be added to a board. Students can even upload their own images, videos, and documents to personalize their boards. Explore this great overview from DEN STAR Karen Ogen.

We are thrilled to share with you 50 ways you can use Board Builder in your classroom. Take a look at this list. (Click here if you are in Canada.) It really shows the wide range of possibilities of this wonderful tool. A special thanks goes to DEN Team member Jeanette Edelstein for creating many of the boards on this list and putting together this great resource for everyone!


Do you know another way to use Board Builder that’s not on our list?  Share it on the comments, we’d love to hear from you.




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  2. Tish Ivie said:

    Just curious…if an art teacher used this for a student-created art collection, is there a way to share it with parents?

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  8. Kimberly Walker said:

    I am trying to insert a heading I created in Microsoft digital pro into my board. I do not see a supported file format. How should I create my own header as an image and then insert it?

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  12. Gaudium said:

    Thank you for your post, this post give me lots of advise it is very useful for me.

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