Hangout With the DEN

We have two fun Google Hangouts scheduled this week and we hope you join us. The first is on Tuesday and will focus on how educators use Google Hangouts to connect. DEN Guru and Google Certified Teacher Rita Mortenson and DEN Community Manager Chad Lehman will be leading the discussion, but they will need plenty of input the community. Join and share your ideas as well.

The second Hangout of the week, on Wednesday, will be led by DEN Princess Porter Palmer and will feature many DENvisory Board members. Join these DEN leaders as they discuss the Discovery Educator Network, some ideas they have to make the community even better, and how they are using educational technology in their schools.

Both Hangouts begin at 7:00 pm ET. To participate, visit the DEN Google Plus page during the scheduled time. (Both Hangouts will be archived for future viewing).