“You as a leader” . . . Questions to ask yourself . . .

This is not a complete list. Hopefully it has questions that will get you thinking about your current or future potential leadership service.


What are your dispositions as a leader?

Do you see yourself as someone who can think interdependently?

Do you see a need for and/or a value in – intentionally growing and developing your skills of an interdependent thinker?


What motivates you?

Are you and the organization you serve prepared to partner with others?

Are you comfortable with the fact that by collaborating with others – your specific objectives may not be embraced by all?


Do you embrace the status quo?  Or do you have a vision for ways in which the ‘status quo’ to change for the better?

Are you a good listener?  Do you seek to understand the messages of those you listen to?

Do you see yourself as an adult learner?


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