Live from Museum of Science in Boston (Tomorrow!)

A Virtual Field Trip from the Museum of Science
October 17, 2013 1:00-2:00 PM ET

Live from Museum of Science in Boston, MA

Join us from the Museum of Science in Boston, one of our nation’s premier informal learning institutions. This event will explore the natural and human-made world through the lens of engineering. We’ll be visiting STEMtastic exhibits like a Van de Graaff generator, a machine that makes indoor lightning. We’ll also provide a sneak peak of the Hall of Human Life, a brand-new exhibit opening in November. Its role is to highlight breakthroughs in biology and biotechnology. Come with your questions ready as we spark your students’ interest in a wide range of STEM fields.

Submit your questions here to be answered during the LIVE event!

Don’t forget to download the pre-webinar resource for use throughout the classroom event.



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