Online Teaching Strategies Suggestion?

I am taking a course on online teaching and I would like to start a conversation with you all about online teaching strategies.  I will be making a course at the end of this year and would love to have input from the DEN.  So if you teach online or take a course online what have you found that works best?  What is the worst?  Let me know your stories. Post them to the comment section below. I have only take a few course online and this will be my first attempt to write a full online course.  I have done some section in the past but never a full course.  To help you focus your responses think about the following questions:

How is online teaching different from face to face teaching?

What must face-to-face teachers do differently to be successful online teachers?





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  1. Donna Miller said:

    Hi Tom,
    I have taken a few online courses but have never taught one. One thing I find beneficial – schedule times that people have to post/respond by (ie: post by Wed. respond to 2 others by Fri) That way there is some conversation among the students. Conversation and feedback are the two things that I missed most online VS face to face.
    It is also helpful if participants post a picture of themselves that will show up in their responses – gives it more of a personal feel.

    Good luck!
    -Donna Miller

  2. Andry said:

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  3. Tia said:

    -How is online teaching different from face to face teaching?
    Teaching online, to me, requires more planning and preparation for handling the normal course tasks. For example, it’s a lot easier to just say “Oh, I’ll check their homework tomorrow or later tonight,” versus knowing that the class is physically meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm and you have to be ready by then. Just as the students need to plan scheduled times to do course work, online teachers need to as well.

    -What must face-to-face teachers do differently to be successful online teachers?
    Face-to-Face teachers must really understand the tool that they are using. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to contact your online teacher and they not knowing how to return your message or understand how work gets submitted.

    • Thomas McLaughlin said:

      Great insight – So planning not only in terms of what we are teaching in the course but also when we are going to give feedback. I believe your are saying teaching online requires more discipline. Since there is flexibility and that 7pm deadline does not exist we as instructors have to create that for ourselves and for our students so they know what to expect.

      You are very correct in that teachers online must have a strong grasp of the technology. If they don’t maybe they should consider not teaching online.

      Thank you for your reply …I will use this in my presentation ..

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  6. Dee said:

    For online teaching the first thing is that instructor should have online personality that includes: Skills to engage students, Admin the online class, familiarity with online-teaching tool etc.

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