DEN Techformation – Pixlr

The ability to edit photos has become an indispensable tool in an educators box.  I am a math teacher and in order to create assessments, worksheets, study guides, lesson presentations…etc. I need to be able to edit pictures, create drawings, and combine elements of them both into one element on a page.  Until the last few years and HTML 5’s explosion into web design teachers have relied on expensive photo editing software or tape and a photo copier.  We now have access to many online services to edit photos.  The one I found that I use a lot is Pixlr. (Recently featured in a DENVirt Field Trip Exploring Design – The Gateway to the Future)  This is a one stop shop for everything you need to do with a photo.  It allows you to shop it into many different ways 🙂
When you goto the site your have the option of choosing The Pixlr ed

itor, Pixlr Express, or Pixlr O-matic.  The Editor is a full feature layer editor.  It also has the ability to save your files in the cloud if you sign up for the free account. The Express is a quick way of editing a photo. I was able to use the URL for the Techformation logo and past it into Express.  Express then pulled the image from the web and let me edit it by changing the filter, adding overlays to it and a boarded.  I got a new Logo in just 3 min.    The O-matic tool is very similar to the Instagram app in that you can add light filters to a picture that you upload.  You can then save that picture on your computer.

There is a contest that they are running as well check it out


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