Exciting Enhancements Coming To Progress Zone

Attention all educators with access to Discovery Education’s Assessment tools. We are pleased to announce an upcoming enhancement to Assessment and additional components within Progress Zone that we are equally proud of, and excited to debut. We’ve held on to all of the features that you hold dear, and listened and learned from the ideas of our community of partners in an effort to build some dynamic, and game-changing new features. These changes include:

· A new look and feel (existing functionality and workflows remain unchanged)
· Refreshed Common Core (CCSS) content within Progress Zone items and resources for better alignment
· Additional Instructional Strategies and resources available within Progress Zone

During my 2+ years with Discovery, these particular updates and changes are some of the more important that I have seen and likely are those that I’ve been most excited about. Please look for these changes to drop starting this Friday, and please follow this link for more information – in fact, for all of the details – regarding these changes.


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